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BGN Plus / BGN Turbo
BGN Plus / BGN Turbo

Electric High Frequency Pokers

High performance pokers using the latest technology to give safe and reliable performance. A low voltage but high frequency electric supply powers a vibration motor in the poker head.

A converter is required to adapt the standard mains supply to the right voltage and frequency. For efficiency and reliability BGN pokers should be used with BGF converters.

BGN Plus / BGN Turbo image 0 BGN Plus / BGN Turbo
  • Safe low voltage (42v) system
  • Very low maintenance
  • Powerful vibration specification
  • High visibility in-line switch
  • 10m of cable to the switch
  • 5m of abrasion resistant hose to the poker
  • Can be used with most 42v, 200hz 3 phase supplies (Always check that the supply current is sufficient)
  • BGN-Turbo added benefits :
  • Top of the range electric HF poker vibrator covering the largest sizes of internal vibration for the most extreme conditions and intensive use
  • Special designed eccenter mass of heavy steel alloy resulting in centrifugal 40% increased centrifugal force and double amplitude
  • 5 metre abrasion resistant 5mm thick reinforced operating hose
  • Strong, protected switch box
  • 10 metre electric cable with 42v plug, 200hz.
Operator Manuals
 BGN Plus / BGN Turbo operator manual - en
Product Brochure
 BGN Plus / BGN Turbo product brochure - en

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