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BGA Submersible PumpsBGA Submersible Pumps

Submersible flexible shaft pump 25m3/hour

High capacity submersible pump for draining and removal of water from trenches and building sites without use of electric power.

Hydraulic Submersible Water PumpHydraulic Submersible Water Pump

High performance hydraulic breakers

Submersible hydraulic pump Submersible Hydraulic water pump with great capacity for removal of water from building sites and trenches.

WPX 3/30WPX 3/30

3" Semi-Trash Water Pump

The WPX 3/30 is a durable, powerful, petrol engine driven, 3” semi-trash water pump designed for a variety of residential, commercial and agricultural tasks. It is suitable for sandy or muddy water and debris up to 1” in diameter.