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Range of Hand-Held Floats

Floats are used to smooth and improve the surface of the concrete. The Floats swivel head allows the blade to be pushed and pulled across the surface.
  • Floats improve final surface durability, finish and quality by reducing surface laitance.
  • With 3 extension handles a 6m bay can be floated.
  • Robust knuckle head allows the blade to be angled for ease of use and control on finish.

    Easy Bull Float

  • A lightweight magnesium alloy blade with reinforcement to prevent warping.
  • Rounded corners on float head to reduce track marks when floating.
  • Robust heavy-duty design for tough site conditions and rental fleets.

    Big Blue Float

  • A tempered Blue Steel blade that achieves an ultra fine finish.
  • Extra rounded corners to prevent track marks when floating.
  • The sprung steel blade glides over concrete while surface is firm but workable.

    Fresno Broom

  • A special combination float for applying a consistent brushed non-slip finish to concrete.
  • Leaves a tidy and consistent brushed finish.
  • Push over concrete to improve surface consistency then pull to apply brush finish.
  • Softer brush available as a spare part.
Ref Model Width

Handle Length

Head Weight
c/w Swivel

Handle Weight

50901 Bull Float c/w Swivel & Handle 1200 200 5.4 6 3.6
50903 Big Blue c/w Swivel & Handle 1200 300 5.4 11.1 3.6
50905 Fresno Broom c/w Swivel & Handle 900 220 5.4 4.8 3.6

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