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Altrad Fort Display Stands
Altrad Fort Display Stands

We don't just sell wheelbarrows - we help retailers sell our wheelbarrows

We know that our success is intricately tied to yours. That is why we have developed a range of retail solutions that maximize returns and optimize presentation. Our merchandising systems are designed to suit garden centers, hardware stores and large DIY retailers.
Altrad Fort Display Stands image 0 Altrad Fort Display Stands
Fort Wheelbarrow Display Stands
  Single Display 40000 Single Wheelbarrow Display Stand*
Weight 3Kg
* Wheelbarrow not included.
  System 1200 13929 System 1200 Wheelbarrow Display Stand#
Weight 66Kg

The possibility to show 10 disassembled wheelbarrows on 1 Square Meter.
# The Wheelbarrow parts are not included with the stand.


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