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Concreting AccessoriesConcreting Accessories

Selection of Accessories to compliment the Concreting Equipment we offer. Items range from Maintenance Kits for our Poker range to different Blade options for the Trowel range.

Lightweight Pro / Pro Tilt TrowelsLightweight Pro / Pro Tilt Trowels

A high power trowel for producing a high specification finish on concrete. The Pro / Pro Tilt Trowels have a very high specification to suit professional users and rental fleets.

Pro 600XPro 600X

Edging trowels

Ideal for small areas, up to walls and through doorways. The Electric option allows working in buildings without special ventilation.

Pro TrowelsPro Trowels

Trowels with foldable handle

Designed to provide contractors with the features and performance they need. These machines are used for long periods so the Pro Trowel gives improved operator comfort and easy control. Smooth running helps achieve a high quality finish.

Pro Tilt TrowelsPro Tilt Trowels

Trowels with quick pitch adjustment

Upgraded specifications for top performance levels. These trowels give the operator faster control to increase productivity and improve slab quality.