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Stockcode 4/1001
Description Washer
Tech NoteM10
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MachineAssemblyLineQtyX Of UseApplicability
SF 460Main Assembly192
RT 66Main Assembly0064Robin
RT 66Main Assembly0094Robin
RT 66Main Assembly0124Robin
BWR 650Engine Unit44
BWR 650Engine Unit292
BWR 750Engine Unit44
BWR 750Engine Unit292
Premier XTEngine Assembly (Yanmar) (Up To October 2001)1724
Premier XTEngine Assembly (Yanmar) (From October 2001 Up To July 2002)1724Up To July '02
Lightweight Pro / Pro Tilt TrowelsGearbox & Spider Assembly292
Lightweight Pro / Pro Tilt TrowelsFoldable Handle Assembly - Screw Pitch281
Lightweight Pro / Pro Tilt TrowelsCentrifugal Drive Kit124GX270
Lightweight Pro / Pro Tilt TrowelsManual Drive Kit124GX270
PT Range Pro & Pro Tilt TrowelGearbox & Spider Assembly292
PT Range Pro & Pro Tilt TrowelGuard Ring Assembly84
PT Range Pro & Pro Tilt TrowelFoldable Handle Assembly - Screw Pitch311
PT Range Pro & Pro Tilt TrowelCentrifugal-Drive-Kit124GX270 / EX27
PT Range Pro & Pro Tilt TrowelManual Drive Kit (Up To May 2006)1241200
PT Range Pro & Pro Tilt TrowelManual Drive Kit (From May 2006)124GX270 / EX27
Guardian 350 & 400Chassis Assembly66A1
Premier TCover Assembly81
TDX 650 Twin Drum RollerHydraulic Assembly314
Roller StrikerLoading Ramp Option910

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