Due to EU regulations we are required to notify you that our site uses cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files containing information stored on your device by a website. As cookies are stored on your device this means the website doesn't asked for the same information each time you visit the page. You've probably seen the remember me option on various websites, this works using cookies as do websites which remember your basket contents if you close and reopen your browser.

How does Altrad-Belle use cookies?

We only used cookies as part of the Google Analytic tool, which enables us to ensure the content we develop for our site is relevant and viewable to as many users as possible. No personal information is stored.
Due to new EU regulations regarding cookies we now have set a cookie once you close the cookie information bar so that you don't have to see the banner every time you visit our site.

Should I be worried?

The cookies we use don't contain any personal information and are only there to help us make the website faster and offer you better experience.

I don't want cookies, can I disable them?

Cookies can disable, however as many websites use cookies in various ways, many of them integral to pages, its not recommended.
However if you still wish to disable them full information can be found here.